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Product Name
250 grams
Description :

English Name :

Perukala Nadakaya Legiyum

Tamil Name :

பேறுகால நடகாய லேகியம்


Benefits Of Perukala Nadakaya Legiyum :

Perukala legiyam is a wonderful herbal preparation for women who undergo their delivery.

It helps to flush out the toxins from the uterus and cleanses the reproductive system naturally after delivery.

It also promotes the production of breast milk for lactating mothers and gives nourishment at of the time of postnatal period.

It helps to treat fever, lower backache, drizziness and body ache after delivery. It strengthens the pelvic bones in women.

It can be taken after delivery or abortion to gain health.

Perukala legiyam can also be given to regulate the menstrual cycles


Dosage :

Take one spoon of perukala nadakaya legiyum half an hour before your breakfast and dinner regularly for 48 days to get better results.