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Product Name
MULTANI MITTI (Fullers Earth)
100 grams
Description :

Botanical Name :

Bentonite Clay

English Name :

Fullers Earth

Tamil Name :


Hindi Name :

मुल्तानी मुद

Malayalam Name :

 മുൾട്ടാണി മിട്ടി 

Telugu Name :

ముల్తానీ మడ్


External Benefits Of Multani mitti (Fullers Earth) :

     Multani mitti is rich alkaline soil containing minerals and volcanic ash. The alkaline content corrects imbalances and neutralizes the skin tone and brightens the complexion.

     It is known to fight acne, pimples, insect bites, skin rashes and skin infection.

     It is used to treat tanning and pigmentation.

     Facilitates blood circulation and leads to radiant, glowing skin.

     It helps to deep cleanse the skin by removing dirt, oil, sweat, sebum and impurities by leaving the skin soft.


Usage :

     (For external use only) Grind the multani mitti clay and make it as a powder then mixed with milk, curd or rose water and applied on the skin at your convenient time.