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Product Name
KEEZHANELLI POWDER (Country Gooseberry)
100 grams
Description :

Botanical Name:

Phyllanthus Niruri

English Name :

Country Gooseberry

Tamil Name:


Hindi Name :


Malayalam Name :


Telugu Name :

నెల ఉసిరిక


Internal Benefits Of Keezhanelli (Country Gooseberry) :

     It is one of the best treatments for jaundice, improves the functioning of liver and liver health.

     It protects eyes from infections and diseases. It has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties to remove the toxins from body.

     Helps to prevent kidney stones, anaemia, low blood sugar levels and good to cure diabetes and blood  pressure.

     The anti inflammatory properties helps to heal any internal inflammation and infection within the body  system. Keezhanelli has a power to control the body heat and keep your body cool and refreshed.


External Benefits Of Keezhanelli (Country Gooseberry) :

      It is recommended to prepare hair oil from fresh keezhanelli to be effective. Oil prepared from a variety of other herbs including Keelanelli leaves is useful in treating dandruff and hair fall conditions for both men  and women.


Ingredients :

     Contains only well grown and full dried keezhanelli plant.


Usage :

      Take 5 to 10 grams of keezhanelli powder mixed with butter milk and drink in empty stomach atleast half an hour before the breakfast. Has to be taken for minimum 48 days to get better results.