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Product Name
NANNARI ROOT DRIED (Indian Sarsaparilla)
50 grams
₹ 85
Description :

Botanical Name :

Hemidesmus Indicus

English Name :

Indian Sarsaparilla

Tamil Name :

நன்னாரி / நறு நெட்டி

Hindi Name :


Malayalam Name :


Telugu Name :



Internal Benefits Of Nannari (Indian Sarsaparilla) :

      Nannari is a natural coolent and used as a demalcent to releive body heat and best to take in summer seasons, nannari have the medicinal quality of providing from constipation, acidity while it also purifies the blood and detoxifies the body.

     It is one of the best medicines for treating piles, it alleviates any form of inflammatory issues such as gout, arthritis, aching muscles and joints apart from these it is effective for inflammations of liver, spleen, urinary disorders, wheezing and anaemia.

     It is a wonderful help supplement to increase the strength of immune system because of its antibacterial properties, it is also proved that nannari and extract contain antioxidents to fight cancer.


External Benefits Of Nannari (Indian Sarsaparilla) :

     It also enhances the skin appearence due to its antibacterial property. Nannari powder can be applied to eliminate wrinkles, age spots, dark spots and keep your skin young.


Usage :

     Nannari dried roots can be kept inside white cloth and tied tightly then placed inside the mud pot containing drinking water to cool the body heat.