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Product Name
1 kit
₹ 200
Description :

About Mazhalai Traditional Baby Kit :

     This package contains all the necessary items used traditionally for the new born babies. The products are packed carefully with high quality in hygienic manner to enhance the beauty of your babies.


Content Of The Package :

Vasambu korvai

(Calamus Bracelet) 1 pair

Karu valayal

(Black Bangle) 1 pair

Vengai paal pottu

(BlackBindi) 1 Piece

Kaal thandai

(Twisted Anklet) 1 pair

Paal pasi

(White Shell Necklace) 1 piece

Araignan kairu

(Black Rope) half meter

Sivappu kairu

(Red Rope) half meter

Drishti kal pasi

(Bad Sight Stone Necklace) 1 piece


Vasambu Korvai (Calamus Bracelet) :

     This organic bracelets are made out of calamus which are crafted with artistic skills. The aroma helps to ease the digestion of the new borns.

Vengai Paal Pottu (Black Bindi) :

     It is a natural bindi packed inside half coconut shells with care. It is used to keep away from bad eye sights.

Kaal Muruku Thandai (Twisted Anklet) :

     It is a good conductor of energies. While wearing this anklet it induces the energy level of the nerves to the babies.

Paal Pasi (White Shell Necklace) :

     It is weared for babies to avoid vomiting the  milk  drunk  from the mother. It is used traditionally in Tamil culture.

Araignan Kairu (Black Rope) :

     Wearing this black rope helps to activate the digestion process properly in the babies.

Sivappu Kairu (Red Rope) :

     It is used traditionally as a part of the Tamil rituals.

Dhristi Kal Pasi (Bad Sight Stone Necklace) :

     This necklet is believed to relieve the baby from bad dreams and it adds cuteness to your babies.