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Yogan Organic Thengaennai Oil | Coconut Oil | Cold Pressed Oil
100 ML
₹ 40
Description :

Benefits Of Yogan Organic Coconut Oil :

Coconut oil has a very high saturated fat content. In fact, about 87 percent of its fat is saturated. This feature makes it one of the best fats for high heat cooking, including frying. Saturated fats retain their structure when heated to high temperatures, unlike the polyunsaturated fatty acids found in vegetable oils. Oils such as corn and safflower are converted into toxic compounds when heated. These may have harmful effects on health. Therefore, coconut oil is a safer alternative for cooking at high temperatures.

Encourage hair growth due to the composition of organic Coconut Oil, it will help to bind to the protein in hair and protect both the roots and strands of hair from breakage. Repair damaged hair Organic Coconut Oil is said to be extremely effective in preventing protein loss which will help to repair damaged hair. Regular massage of organic Coconut Oil into your hair and scalp will help to create a gloss and shine to the hairs appearance.

Our Yogan organic coconut oil contains only organic dried kerala coconut kernel extracted by traditional wood press method.