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100 grams
Description :

Botanical Name   : Glycyrrhiza Glabra
English Name       : Liquorice
Tamil Name          : அதிமதுரம்
Hindi Name          : मुलेठी / जेठीमधु 
Malayalam Name : ഇരട്ടി മധുരം
Telugu Name        : యష్టిమధుకం


Internal Benefits Of Athimadhuram powder(Liquorice):

      Athimadhuram is a natural remedy for cold, chronic cough,throat infections, asthma and other respiratory disorders because of its anti inflammatory and antispasmodic properties.

     It can be given to treat pains and cramps during menstrual period in women. The phytoestrogenic property of the herb treats the symptoms of menopause, deals with the harmonal imbalance of estrogen in women and irregular periods.

     It works as a mild laxative in case of constipation.

     It also reduces the arthritis pain effectively if the athimaduram tea is taken regularly for some days.

     The liquorice roots contain Glycyrrhizin acid that reduces depression,anxiety,or nrevousness successfully.

     Liquorice roots are useful in regulating body metabolism rate and lowering blood cholesterol from the body.


External Benefits Of Athimadhuram powder(Liquorice):

     Athimadhuram can also be mixed with other natural hair bath powders to enrich hair growth.


Usage :

     Chew and suck the root of athimadhuram to get rid of bad breath and prolonged throat pain. Athimadhuram is a only herb which has sweet taste.