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Product Name
AMUKKARA KILANGU (Winter Cherry Root)
100 grams
Description :

Botanical Name :

Withania Somnifera

English Name :

 Winter Cherry Root

Tamil Name :

அமுக்கரா கிழங்கு

Hindi Name : 


Malayalam Name :

അമുക്കറ കിഴങ്ങു

Telugu Name :


Internal Benefits Of Amukkara Kilangu (Winter Cherry Root) :

     Amukkara is classified as an "adaptogen" which helps your body manage stress, it also provides all sort of benefits to your body and brain.

     Amukkara has traditionally been used to boost memory power, brain functioning and protects nerve cells from harmful free radicals.

     It can reduce blood sugar levels by increasing the insulin secretion in both healthy people and those with diabetes

     Ashwagandha helps in reduction of stress harmone "cartisol" secreted by the adrenal glands. Thus it reduces the stress, anxiety, cardio diseases, insomnia etc by acting as an antidepressent

     It helps in increasing the fertility in men by boosting the testosterone levels and increases antioxidant levels in blood. It also improves the sperm quality.

     Amukkura improves the body composition by significantly increasing the muscle strength and size.


Dosage :

     Grind amukkara kilangu and make it as a powder then take along with milk mandatorily one hour after meal. Has to be taken for minimum 48 days to get better results.