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Product Name
50 grams
₹ 35
Description :

English Name :

Cane Sugar

Tamil Name :

கரும்பு சர்க்கரை

Hindi Name :

गन्ना की चीनी

Malayalam Name :

കരി പഞ്ചസാര

Telugu Name :

చెరకు చక్కెర


Internal Benefits Of Cane sugar :

     Cane sugar offers a host of essential nutrients and minerals that refined and white sugars cannot. It contains magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium and iron. Every teaspoon of sugar cane only has 11 calories, as well as zero fat and four grams of carbohydrates.

     Prevention and treatment of cold and flu symptoms are one of the many health benefits of cane sugar. It helps reduce congestion and ease sore throats.

     Cane sugar also helps prevent cancers like prostate and breast cancer. Also, unlike refined sugars, cane sugar helps revitalize, energize and hydrate the body after exercise.

     You can use cane sugar to raise your blood sugar if it fluctuates. In some cases, low blood sugar can cause low blood pressure. In these cases, consuming cane sugar raise blood pressure almost instantly.

     Cane sugar purifies kidneys and rejuvenates all body organs, including eyes and brain. At the same time it is effectively used to decrease cholesterol and triglycerides in the body.


Usage :

     You can use cane sugar as an all-purpose sweetener. It will work in beverages like coffee and tea as well as in baked goods.