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Product Name
IYARKAI SAKKARAI (Unrefined Sugar)
200 grams
Description :

English Name :

Unrefined Sugar

Tamil Name :

இயற்கை சக்கரை

Hindi Name :

प्राकृतिक चीनी

Malayalam Name :

പ്രകൃതി പഞ്ചസാര

Telugu Name :

సహజ చక్కెర


Internal Benefits Of Unrefined Sugar :

     Unrefined sugar is an unprocessed sugar without adding any chemicals to whiten the sugar, it has many nutritional values.

     It is used to cure the mouth ulcers and oral infections.

     It helps to expel the kidney stones through urination for those having kidney stones.

     It gives instant energy because it contains essential vitamins and minerals and it is also called as glucose sugar.


Usage :

     It can be consumed at any time by people of all ages from children to elderly people.